Sites I will not host

Porn: This is for obvious reasons. The site must be PG-13 at the max.

File Sharing Sites: There are sites out there for this, but this is not one of them. I don’t mind music on your site as long as it stays there.

Space: Again, there are sites out there for this. It takes up an incredible amount of space and is just not fair to anyone else.

Hate sites: This is also obvious.

Sites I would LOVE to host

Anything Video Game Related: I can get you forum space, or anything you need.

TCGs and TCG trade posts: Things like eTCG and TCG manager are welcome. I can even help you set them up.

Most Other Sites: I am not too picky, just nothing listed above. I also have the right to refuse anyone for any inappropriate sites.


Must be active once a month: If you are not doing anything, it becomes closer to space and that is not allowed.

Move in within a week: There is a bit of flexibility but please do your best.

Make sure you update scripts: You are welcome to have wordpress but please, if it needs updated, tell me. I’ll be glad to help.

Have at least some basic knowledge on FTP, HTML, PHP and the like: I am pretty good at this stuff but I am a college student and I work. I can not train you, however I will help sometimes… If you ask nicely.

Do not put ads on your site: This is why I am hosting you, you should not want ads.

No hosting of chat applications: It bogs things down.

You must have basic web design skills: Your site must look nice and presentable. You don’t have to make it, you just have to give proper credit.

You must provide me with a link to your current site: I would love to see what I am hosting before I say yes. If this is your first website then I will need some proof that you know how to deisgn and code.

Have a link back to You get the space free, please give me the proper credit.

*If you have fail to follow any of the rules above, I will send you a reminder via email. If you still refuse to comply after repeated warnings, your site will be deleted from the server.

What you’ll get

Hosting on a fast, high quality server.

99.95% uptime: If the server will be going down and I know, you will know.

A subdomain on the following domain:


I also can host your own personal domain: You must purchase this on your own.

1 email addresses (Optional)

  • @your-domain

Unlimited space and bandwidth Within reason


1 FTP account with 24/7 access

No annoying ads or pop ups

Free installation of many popular CMS and blog scripts Such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. I also can help with eTCG and TCG Manager.

Very fast response time: I work on the computer so I can get back to you almost immediately. Although I do have a life too.